Treatment in the McKenzie Method/MDT

What makes MDT treatments different?

Treatment in the McKenzie Method/MDT is based off of its scientific assessment process.Once your problem has been classified into one of the syndromes unique to the McKenzie Method/MDT, the most effective treatments have already been determined. Often within the first session, your physiotherapist will have identified a movement which helps to relieve your pain.Treatment will be focused on this movement, while avoiding any irritating factors.

McKenzie Method/MDT physiotherapy treatment often involves 3-5 sessions (although it can vary) and is based on active physiotherapy principles.

Principles of Treatment in the McKenzie Method/MDT

The McKenzie Method/MDT treatment focus on active physiotherapy principles :

  • Patient education

  • Self-treatment with simple exercises

  • Progression of forces


Patient education is the most important component in the McKenzie Method/MDT treatment process. Only once you understand your condition, you will be able to take control of your symptoms.This is because you are much more likely to do your exercises if you truly understand the reason that you are doing them. Sometimes, there are certain positions and movements that may be counter-productive, as well. If you understand why they are detrimental you are much more likely to avoid them. Your Verdun McKenzie/MDT Physiotherapist is there to guide you through the process, but you are the most important person in the McKenzie Treatment Method / MDT. 

Your McKenzie / MDT Physiotherapist has been specially trained to help you understand the nature of your problem through a regimented training process. They will be able to explain the problem in simple terms and will take the required time to answer your questions. This will ensure that you do fully understand what your treatment involves and also why it will help you.


​Self-treatment is another very important component in the McKenzie Method/MDT treatment process. When your Montreal McKenzie/MDT Physiotherapist teaches you how to perform simple exercises to specifically target your problem, it will allowyou to progress not only during but also between sessions. This often translates into less treatment sessions required in the clinic compared to most other methods of physiotherapy treatment.

Often, the exercises that are given in the McKenzie Method/MDT treatment process can be done literally anywhere.They usually do not require any equipment, and those that do normally use very simple items (such as a towel or a chair). For the majority of patients, these exercises will have an immediate pain-relieving effect.These exercises should never leave you feeling worse, and will usually make you feeling better.​

​Posture is another important factor for many patients in the McKenzie Method/MDT treatment process. Postural correction can often be a key element that is not fully addressed in other musculoskeletal treatment methods. Poor positioning and posture can have important effects on your condition and your pain, and you may not necessarily realize it. Poor posture can slow the healing process, and even bring it to a halt. In McKenzie Method/MDT, the effects that different postures and positions are having on your condition is assessed. Once again, simple and practical solutions are offered to help you to make the changes that will allow the healing process to get back on track.

Through the use of simple exercises and posture, the McKenzie Method/MDT treatment allows you to gain control over your pain, and often eliminate it from your life.


In McKenzie Method/MDT treatment, progression of forces means that your Montreal McKenzie Method/MDT Physiotherpist is going to use the smallest required force in order to resolve your problem. You will normally start with exercises that you are able to do yourself, and then add in more advanced McKenzie Method/MDT physiotherapy techniques as they are required. The McKenzie Method/MDT is a especially good option for those who are in a lot of pain because of this progression of forces, although it applies to all patients. Your Montreal McKenzie Method/MDT Physiotherapist is going to be careful not to irritate your condition with this system that has built-in safeguards.

In McKenzie Method/MDT treatment, very often exercises that you can perform yourself are sufficient to resolve your problem.This gives you the opportunity to take control of your pain and will be important for prevention. Your Montreal McKenzie Method/MDT Physiotherapist will add in more advanced hands-on techniques when they are appropriate for your condition.


Unfortunately, many types of pain, such as back and neck pain do have a tendency to recur. The McKenzie Method/MDT is a comprehensive and thorough approach that gives you the tools to control, and often eliminate painOnce you understand what is happening, and the effects of different postures, movements and exercises on your condition, you will be in an ideal position to react independently should your problem ever begin to resurface. By reacting swiftly with the proper exercises, positions and postures you will often be able to reduce the intensity, or even completely avoid future episodes..

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