Constipation Treatment

Are you tired of having pain when pain when passing stool?

​Our experienced pelvic floor physiotherapists can help you regain control of your bowel and return to your daily life with confidence! We have been successful treating this problem both in-clinic and online.


A common misconception is that if you evacuate stool every day you are not constipated. This is not true! To be considered constipated, you only need to have 3 of the following apply to you:

Pushing or straining to pass stools

Hard stools (healthy stool consistency should be similar to a ripe banana)

Feeling that the stool evacuation is incomplete

Feeling an obstruction to the passing of the stool

Having to use your hands to assist in passing the stool

Less than 3 defecations per week

Pain during defecation


There are many possible causes for constipation. Some of the more common examples are:

Poor diet (inadequate or too much fiber intake, inadequate hydration, certain foods, etc.)

Certain medications and supplements

Certain medical conditions

Hypertonic or poorly coordinated pelvic floor muscles

Resisting the urge to pass stool (too busy, public bathrooms, etc.)

Hormonal changes (pregnancy, menopause, etc.)

The Pelvic floor muscles may be hypertonic, meaning that they do not know how to relax and not allow for the easy passage of stool. If your muscles have the capacity to relax, another problem might stem from the coordination between the intra abdominal pressure needed to pass stool, and the relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles. It can also be due to a decrease in the rectums sensitivity to the arrival of stool, preventing the “I need to poop!” signal from happening. There is also the possibility of a rectocele affecting the mechanics of passing stool and might require specific positions or pressures applied to be able to pass stool more effectively. 


Your pelvic floor physio will assess you globally, including a detailed history on your lifestyle habits and a physical evaluation to determine the cause(s) for your constipation. Your problem will likely be addressed through a variety of specific exercises, manual techniques, rectal sensitization exercises, and tips on how to adjust your lifestyle to manage your problem. Our goal is to guide you to be able to meet your goals, and return to your daily life with confidence!

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