Post Operative Treatment

What do I do with my scar?

​Our experienced pelvic floor physiotherapists can can provide post-operative care and help you return to your daily life with confidence! We have been successful treating this problem both in-clinic and online.

While most operations that can affect your pelvic health are done to remedy a specific health complaint, there is an increasing number of people having aesthetic procedures that can equally impact the pelvic region.

Some examples of surgeries or procedures we can help with postoperatively are as follows:

Tummy tuck


Abdominal surgeries (appendix, gall bladder, etc.)

Surgeries for pelvic organ prolapse​

Gender affirmation surgeries

Labioplasty (surgery to change the size/shape of your labia minora)

Prostatectomy or TURP (transurethral resection of the prostate)

Local radiation (ie cancer treatment)



Just like any major fall or cut to the body, a surgery can be considered a trauma. Any traumatic incident can bring with it the risk of scar tissue that can impact the way the body functions, and can affect the related muscles. Frequently, we see inhibition of key muscle groups which can lead to other problems in both the short and long term, and/or spasm which can create pain and other issues.


Your physiotherapist might request to see you preoperatively in order to best prepare you for any potential surprises, and to already begin your healing. Typically, the stronger we enter into a surgery, the stronger we come out of it. In addition, after a surgery, there is a period of convalescence where you will not likely be able to see your physical therapist. If you do the work preoperatively, you will already be equipped with a set of exercises and tips that can help you on your road to recovery during this phase.

Post operatively, your physiotherapist will be able to identify the structures and functions that have been impacted by your procedure, and address them accordingly until you are able to achieve your personal goals!

Treatment Options

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