Problems Treated with the McKenzie Method/MDT

Can my problem be helped by the McKenzie Method?

Areas treated with the McKenzie Method/MDT include all of the muscle and joints of the body. We commonly treat problems such as:

Upper Back Pain

Neck Pain


Tendinitis/tendinopathy (Rotator Cuff , others)


Patellofemoral Syndrome


Sprains/Strains of the ligaments

Sprains/Strains of the muscles

And many more...

Mechanical problems normally respond very well with the McKenzie Method/Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT). A mechanical problem is a problem where the symptoms are affected by different movements and positions. If there are specific movements and positions that make your pain worse or that make your pain better, there is a very good chance that your condition will respond to the McKenzie Method/MDT. Our trained physiotherapists are able to understand the effects of movements and positions on your condition, and use this information in development of an individualized treatment plan.

The McKenzie Method/MDT was originally inspired by spinal pain and progressed to include the entire body. There is significant evidence that this treatment approach is effective in rapidly improving spinal problems in approximately 3/4 of acute cases and approximately 1/2 of chronic cases, and we often see these changes in the first session. We are also able to identify a significant portion of slower responders. For problems in the limbs, our classification system determines whether we need to mobilize a joint, stretch a tight tissue or strengthen a weakened tissue. The McKenzie/MDT evaluation process is very efficient at determining those patients that will benefit from specific exercises and is also very effective at determining those patients who are in need of further medical investigation.

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Treatment Options

Orthopedic/McKenzie Physiotherapy In clinic in Montreal

Web McKenzie/Orthopedic Physiotherapy Online everywhere in Quebec

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