Fecal Incontinence Treatment

Are you tired of worrying about not being able to find a bathroom in time?

​Our experienced pelvic floor physiotherapists can help you with fecal incontinence and to regain control of your bowel and return to your daily life with confidence! We have been successful treating this problem both in-clinic and Online.


Fecal incontinence occurs when there is any involuntary loss of stool - even traces on your underwear count if you are wiping well after a visit to the bathroom!


The pelvic floor muscles may be weak and/or hypotonic; muscles in this state will be less likely to be able to firmly close the anus and limit the stool from passing at an inopportune moment. In addition, if your muscles are hypotonic, they might also be sitting lower in the body, creating an angle between the rectum and the anus that further decrease the efficiency of being able to hold in your stool.

Another possible situation is that your rectum might be overly active when it senses stool arriving in the area. Typically, when the stool arrives in the rectum, it stretches out the walls and this triggers some reactions, including contractions of the rectal walls to help expel the stool. Occasionally, these reactions can happen at inappropriate times, stimulating an urge that is either intense or, in combination with any pelvic floor muscle dysfunction, may lead to incontinence.


Your pelvic floor physio will assess you globally, including a detailed history on your lifestyle habits and a physical evaluation to determine the cause(s) for your constipation. Your problem will likely be addressed through a variety of specific exercises, manual techniques, rectal sensitization exercises, and tips on how to adjust your lifestyle to manage your problem. Our goal is to guide you to be able to meet your goals, and return to your daily life with confidence! 

Treatment Options

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