CPR training and first aid for parents !

And grandparents, uncles, aunts and any loved ones who care for your child.

Active Solution Physiotherapy is proud to help the Southwest community of Montreal with CPR training to learn with professionals how to better keep their little ones safe!

Topics Covered

The basics of CPR and first aid for babies

maneuvers in case of suffocation

how to administer the EpiPen

General information

A quick, simple and effective class to teach you the essentials about first aid on babies and children, designed and taught by a paramedic specifically for the parents at Active Solution Physiotherapy. You will learn the proper way to react in case of respiratory distress and injuries.

A simple course you can do during the pregnancy, just like prenatal classes, to prepare for baby's arrival. Be confident in yourself and be prepared !

***babies are welcome as long as they are not mobile for safety reasons

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