Rebalance your body and feel your best!

Our osteopaths are happy to offer their services to the communities of Verdun, Ville-Émard, and the South-West area of Montreal.


Osteopathy is an entirely manual approach aimed at restoring the functions of all structures and systems of the human body. The basic idea relies on the fact that the body has the capacity of healing itself, but that any loss of mobility natural or traumatic, of structures or fluids from the organism induces dysfunctions.

Osteopathy is based on an extensive understanding of the health sciences and the specific interactions that maintain balance within the organism.


For discomfort related to Pregnancy and post-partum (after childbirth)

For adult who has discomfort anywhere

For women experiencing discomforts during the periods of pre-menopause or menopause

For athletes of all levels in preparation for their performances​

For the aging person who is limited by their discomforts

For the person pre- or post-surgery​