Vestibular Rehabilitation

In Verdun, Montreal

Are You Tired of Being Dizzy?

​Verdun's Active Solution Physiotherapy currently offers vestibular rehabilitation to help you with your vertigo and dizziness symptoms, as well as balance issues.


Vestibular rehabilitation is a physiotherapy approach that is focused on treating problems with the inner ear. The vestibular system in the inner ear controls balance and eye movements, among other things. When the vestibular system is not functioning properly it can cause dizziness, vertigo and other balance issues. Vestibular rehabilitation treats these problems through an exercise based approach, in order to allow a return towards more normal function.


A variety of problems can be successfully treated with Vestibular Rehabilitation including:


Vestibular hypofunction (decreased inner ear function) unilateral or bilateral​


Vestibular neuritis​

and more...



The evaluation in vestibular rehabilitation starts with a detailed interview, including your past medical history, how and when this incident started, the symptoms you are having, the effect that these symptoms are having on your life, and a discussion about goals.

The evaluation continues with a physical exam that will look at the different factors that can be involved in your balance / vertigo / dizziness problem such as neck mobility, effect of head movements and positions on your symptoms, a variety of special tests to identify specific problems, as well as a balance assessment and vision assessment.

All of this information is used to guide the treatment of your specific problem.


The results of your evaluation determine the best individualized treatment of your problem. Treatment normally involves a set of 1-3 specific exercises to be performed a couple of times a day to stimulate your vestibular system and allow your body to adapt to the required stimulus in order to decrease your symptoms. These exercises usually need to be worked on for a couple of weeks to allow your system to slowly adapt, at which point it will be important to change the exercises in order to continue to progress towards your goals.

For specific problems, treatments may be closer together. BPPV treatment is normally very effective when treated over a short period of time. It is possible for neck issues to play into balance and dizziness problems and requires treatments at a higher frequency to start.

​Your body has an immense ability to adapt to its environment and vestibular rehabilitation uses this capacity to decrease or abolish persistent symptoms!

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