Treatment for Constipation

How Can I Help my Child?

Is your child complaining of tummy pain?

​If your child suffersfrom constipation, an experienced pediatric perineal physiotherapist at Active Solution Physiotherapy Verdun will develop a treatment plan specifically for your your child.


When stool evacuation is abnormal and irregular. Even if a child poops daily, they can be constipated. For instance, if the stools are hard, there is a need to push to evacuate or if there is pain with evacuation, there can be constipation. Also, extremely large stools that clog the toilets can be a sign of constipation


Beside a medical condition, constipation can be caused by poor toileting habits like holding it in for a long time, being poorly seated on the toilet or needing to push to evacuate stools. For a child, it can be challenging to get comfortably situated on the adult toilets to allow the pelvic floor muscles to relax to let the poop out.

The cause of constipation can also be from the nutrition: poor fiber intake and poor water intake*. Some people also just don't feel the need to poop. 

In children, one bad experience when pooping caused pain can contribute to a habit of retention of stool by fear of feeling the pain again. Other children might just be too busy playing to take the time to go to the toilet which also can cause retention and constipation.

* Note that if you would like to know the exact amount of fiber or water that is recommended, you need to consult a nutritionist.


​Physiotherapy is effective in the treatment of functional constipation and constipation due to dyssynergia of the pelvic floor muscles in children aged 5 to 16 years. 
These studies below show us that with certain specific exercises we can significantly improve the symptoms of constipation, which can even in some cases allow children to stop taking medication*.

For example, breathing exercises can help relax the pelvic floor. Deep abdominal strengthening exercises and balance exercises can help children develop good postural control that allow them to be well positioned to pass stools. Proprioception exercises or with biofeedback (external electrodes) can help children understand how to control their pelvic floor. 

Therefore, pediatric perineal physiotherapy is a valid modality to help your children with constipation problems.

* Always consult your doctors before stopping any medications

Treatment Options


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