Sciatica Treatment

Are you fed up of your sciatica?

Is this you?

Sciatica is stopping you from doing the things that you love.

You don’t know which activities you should and shouldn’t do

You want to know what to do now to help decrease or eliminate your sciatica

You want to know how to prevent sciatica from recurring in the future

​If the description above sounds like you our expert physiotherapists are here to help you and to guide you towards the solutions that you are seeking.

Why see us for your sciatica?

Many of our patients feel better after the first session

The vast majority of our patients improve, even when other approaches have failed

Our average patient comes for only 3 to 5 sessions

We provide simple yet effective exercises, and education that are tailored to your specific problem

Scientifically-proven approach used in low back pain and sciatica guidelines throughout the world

Our goal

To work with you, in order to get your sciatica better as quickly as possible and teach you how to continue feeling better long term.

Our sciatic treatment process

We will help you understand what activities and positions are irritating your sciatica

Identify what activities and positions may be irritating or beneficial

We will give you advice and exercises to better manage your sciatica and hopefully eliminate it completely

We aim to provide you with the tools to stay better, so that, ideally, you do not have to come back to see us in the future!​

Treatment Options

Orthopedic/McKenzie Physiotherapy In clinic in Montreal

Web McKenzie/Orthopedic Physiotherapy Online everywhere in Quebec

Processing languages available









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