We are proud to be able to share with you some of our favorite companies which share our values.​

NouLuv Boutique

A new one-of-a-kind boutique on Monk Boulevard ​, adapted to the needs of families, but also concerned with respecting diversity and our ecological awareness.​ They offer a range of new, and used clothes, toys, and equipment in excellent condition!

CrossFit Pro1, a gym located on the outskirts of Verdun, separates itself through its inclusive approach by offering several program options ranging from functional training for beginners to the sport of elite CrossFit. There is also a "Pro1 Postnatal" group course (orchestrated by Josée Bélanger) in which new mothers can progress the work done with their pelvic floor physio towards exercises targeting improving posture, muscle strengthening as well as increasing cardiovascular capacity.

Josée, a new mother, Olympian and kinesiologist, knows how to adapt the exercises, not only according to the post-natal stage of participants, but also adapts them in relation to different symptoms of many pelvic floor pathologies and diastasis recti. If required, she will also refer you to physiotherapy to ensure optimal results and safety. Free parking is available on site, as is stroller access. So, babies are welcome!

​Marraine MTL is, above all, a company dedicated to the well-being of your little ones. Marraine believes that the most beautiful imprint on the world is that left by children.

That's why this company only makes choices that are gentle on babies and the most caring for the environment.

Packaged with the greatest care in eco-responsible and compostable packaging, Marraine’s items contain as little plastic as possible. All articles are made in Verdun, numbered and designed with a lot of love in very limited series with unique pieces. Each object is a real handcrafted jewel reflecting the uniqueness of each child.

Empowering moms to trust their instincts and work together to understand why their little ones wake frequently at night, protest sleep, or wake up too early so everyone can get restful sleep.


Inspired to build a community of heroes and lifesavers, CPR Montreal aims to provide quality, modern training and certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and first aid..

CPR Montreal's team proudly consists of instructors with extensive pre-hospital backgrounds (civilian paramedic and military field medic) and in-hospital backgrounds (emergency department nursing). After having taught various communities in the West Island, we continue to form brave leaders across Greater Montreal.

Because it is crucial to be prepared, our dynamic courses provide a stimulating learning experience that you will remember during real emergencies