Treatment options for Cervicogenic Dizziness

Could your dizziness be coming from your neck?

​​If you are suffering from Cervicogenic Dizziness and prefer to treat it with non-invasive, non-medication based treatment, our physiotherapists will develop a treatment plan specific to your Cervicogenic Dizziness problem.


Cervicogenic Dizziness is a condition when someone experiences dizziness and also has neck pain. Other symptoms can include feeling imbalance, unsteady, disorientated, loss in neck movements, and sometimes headaches. To be considered as Cervicogenic Dizziness, the dizziness must be closely related to neck movements or changes in postures related to the neck.


The neck is considered to be the cause of the dizziness when all other potential causes of the dizziness are excluded. Many cases have been diagnosed after a whiplash injury, or associated with conditions of the spine, such as inflammatory conditions.


Trained physiotherapists at Montreal’s Active Solution Physiotherapy perform a thorough history and physical examination using the McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT).By analysing the effects of different spinal movements and positions on your symptoms, the type of problem and the different contributing factors become evident. Once these different factors have been identified, an individualised treatment program is initiated to address them.

Treatment Options

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