Mastitis Treatment

Are painful, swollen breasts holding you back from breastfeeding your baby?

​Our experienced pelvic floor physiotherapists can help you with your mastitis so you can feed your baby with comfort! We have been successful treating this problem both in-clinic and online.


Mastitis is an inflammation of the breast. Symptoms may include fever, redness, heat, swelling/edema, pain and loss of the ability to express milk from the affected breast.


While mastitis can be caused by an infection, there are also other potential causes for the condition:

Nipple injuries can occur, and are often related to poor latch and poor suction of the baby. Your doctor or lactation consultant can check for a tongue tie or a lip tie which can explain your baby’s difficulty to achieve and maintain a good latch.

Changes in feeding times or infrequent milk expression

Excess milk production

Pressure on the breasts, such as lying on your breast or wearing an unsuitable bra

Being sick

Stress and fatigue

​There are no tests that differentiate between infectious mastitis and non-infectious mastitis.


If you have a high fever with a red, tender, and swollen breast, you should consult your doctor in case you may need medication or further testing. In all other cases, the initial recommended treatments is conservative for the first 24 hours:

  • Rest
  • Continue breastfeeding
  • Breast massage
  • Empty the breast of milk
  • Application of cold

If this does not help, then you should consult your doctor to determine whether antibiotics may be needed. If the doctor does not feel that antibiotics are warranted, then you are a good candidate for physiotherapy.

Your physiotherapist will use different breast massage techniques to reduce inflammation, and review the position of the baby and mom during the feedings to prevent future episodes. We often get mothers asking about ultrasound therapy in the treatment of mastitis. While it was previously used frequently in the treatment of mastitis, current research suggests that ultrasound is not more effective than massage in the conservative approach to mastitis treatment. Generally, 1 to 2 sessions are needed to treat mastitis.

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