Difficulties Voiding Urine Treatment

Do you have a hard time emptying your bladder?

​Our experienced pelvic floor physiotherapists can help you regain control of your bowel and return to your daily life with confidence! We have been successful treating this problem both in-clinic and online.


Difficulties voiding urine can present in a number of ways:

Sensation of not being fully empty after voiding urine

Returning to the bathroom frequently for small quantities of urine

A urine flow that stops, and has to be restarted while voiding

Difficulty initiating the urine jet

Needing to push to void urine


If your pelvic floor muscles are hypertonic, meaning that they do not know how to relax, they may not be able to let go to allow for easy voiding. If your muscles have the capacity to relax, another problem might stem from the altered mechanics of the urinary system if you have a cystoceleIf your bladder descends, you might get a “kink in the hose,” affecting your ability to effectively empty your bladder. There are other possible reasons for difficulty with voiding urine which your therapist will also be able to evaluate and either treat, or refer to the appropriate professional.


As pelvic floor physiotherapists, our role is to evaluate the above factors and identify the most likely cause for your situation. We will then create a treatment plan to address those problems. Typically, you can expect a variety of specific exercises, manual techniques, and retraining many habits and mechanics of your body as part of your treatment plan.

Treatment Options

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