Urinary Complaints

Do you have pee-related problems? You're not alone!

​Urinary complaints are amongst one of the most common problems treated in pelvic floor physiotherapy. Even the smallest urine leak is something worth addressing! Many urinary complaints have a tendency to worsen with time, or signal an underlying problem that has the potential to lead to other problems over time.

Our role as physiotherapists is to not only treat your current problems, but also to try to prevent the worsening of your current situation and the development of any other related issues over your lifespan.

Common urinary problems we address as pelvic floor physiotherapists:

Interstitial cystitis

Difficulty emptying your bladder​

Urinary incontinence

Nocturnal urination​

Urinary emergency​

Overactive bladder​

These problems can be due to dysfunction in the Pelvic floor musclesbladder and related structures. Often, a mix of specific exercises, education about your pathology, manual therapy and mechanical modalities are required to resolve these issues.​.

Treatment Options

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