Get into shape safely!
We are proud to be able to offer the expertise of our Kinesiologists in Ville-Émard and the surrounding areas of the south-west of Montreal!

Qu'est ce que la kinésiologie peut faire pour moi ?

If you are looking to get into shape, or wanting to improve upon your current training regimen, a kinesiologist is the perfect professional for you.

Kinesiologists are experts in the movement of the human body. They are well educated on many of the body's systems, and have obtained a minimum of a bachelors degree in university. They are much more than a personal trainer.

Regardless of any personal health barriers, your kinesiologist will know how to adapt exercises to suits your needs and goals.

We currently offer semi-private training sessions for both pregnant people and new parents to help with post-partum recovery and support parents as their bodies adapt to the physical challenges of parenting.

Our Kinesiologist is also available for private sessions for all clienteles.

Our Kinesiologists

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