Baby Motor Skills Class

Understand how babies learn to move; How to help them get from rolling to crawling, and then to walking.

This course, organized by Active Solution Physiotherapy and presented by a physiotherapist. It aims to highlight the stages of normal development, without pathology, and to learn how, as parents, you can encourage your baby's development through play.

General information

Baby Motor Skills Class

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23 July @ 9:30 am - 11:00 am

Baby Motor Skills Class

16 September @ 12:45 pm - 2:00 pm
Baby, motor skills, motor development


Come with your baby to learn how to make tummy time easier, and how to facilitate rolling over, crawling and sitting.You are also encouraged to share your questions as well as the tips and tricks that worked for your family with other parents.  The course is given in small groups of 5-8 people in order to give the physiotherapist enough time to answer your questions. Hence, registration is required. The class is given in a large room with floor mats so the babies can explore their environment while the therapist shares activities you can do with your baby to encourage their development. Group physiotherapy educational receipts are issued at the end of each class.

Ideal for babies starting 7 weeks old until they are able to walk.You can ask our physiotherapist your questions about movements as well as the different baby toys and equipment that exist.As a bonus, you will receive information on ergonomics for parents when caring for babies in order to promote the health of your back.

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Motor skills for babies!