Prenatal massage

Need time for yourself ?
Our massage therapists are here to guide you towards relaxation !

We are pleased to offer Verdun, Ville-Émard, and the South-West of Montreal the opportunity to experience our prenatal massages!


Prenatal massage consists of performing gentle manipulations on the pregnant person's body in a relaxing atmosphere to allow them to enjoy the benefits of this manual therapy, with emphasis on the needs related to pregnancy. As a precaution, we suggest waiting until the 12th week of pregnancy before scheduling an appointment.


Helps relieve back pain

Improves posture

Promotes good sleep

Makes breathing easier

Decreases general stress

Releases muscle tension

Decreases swelling

Creates a moment of sweet bonding between you and your baby


After a discussion to determine your specific needs as well as any precautions to be taken, you will be installed in a warm atmosphere where all the accessories to achieve comfort are at your disposal, including a cushion which allows you to lie on your belly. Though, if any discomfort is felt, you may alternatively be massaged on your side, as our massage therapists are well accustomed to adapting to your needs.


Offer relaxation to one of your loved ones with our gift certificates. On sale in our clinics where you will choose the amount that corresponds to your budget. No expiration date and valid in all of our locations, for the service of your choice. Your gift will please anyone who receives it who simply wants to enjoy a moment for themselves.