Web Pelvic and Perineal Physiotherapy

​Throughout Quebec

Wouldn't it be great not to have to worry about your pelvic floor issues?


  • Our professionals are trained to listen to youto understand your problems and to find solutions
  • You will receive specific education, tips and instructions on how to manage your problem during your daily activities
  • Youwill be in charge of your progress.
  • Convenience: It is a convenient method of receiving treatment at home or work and no need for a baby-sitter
  • Time: Avoiding traffic and travel time
  • Individual treatment with our proven active approach
  • Focuses on your independence through specific exercises and education.
  • Available throughout Quebec


The physiotherapist will conduct the evaluation just as if you were being evaluated in clinic. You can typically expect the following:

  • the history where you will explain your pain or your problem. 
  • an assessment of your movements, posture and breathing to better understand your problem. For example: your therapist can assess your posture while sitting on your couch while breastfeeding your baby.
  • Developping your treatment plan.
  • An education and detailed instructions to manage your problems.
  • You will normally be given a home exercise program..
  • The ability to track your progress from the comfort of your own home.
  • A complete and effective explanation ofhow to physically self-assess, if necessary.


​All conditions can be evaluated! The physiotherapist will determine if your condition is likely to be improved by web physio sessions, if your condition requires an in-person session or if you need to be referred to a doctor.

What do you need for the web appointment?

  • You will need access to a device with a video camera to be seen (e.g. laptop, tablet, cell phone, webcam) as well as a microphone (usually built into the devices listed later). A wired connection to the Internet is best, or sit near your WiFi router.
  • ​Please ensure that your insurance covers web physiotherapy services.

How do I Make an Appointment? for this service ?

  • Take an appointment by calling us or by clicking on the button below. (514)767-6858 for the Verdun clinic & (514)769-6789 for the Monk clinic or click the button below
  • The receptionist will send you the necessary documents to complete by email and will test your connection with us.
  • Reconnect a few minutes before your appointment time.


Dana Dufour (postpartum)

Kim Kearvell (people with penis and vagina)

Ivona Yordanova (people with vagina)

Eric Wou (people with penises)

Laetitia Bourgeon (people with vagina and kids)

Kalem Kachur (people with penis and vagina)

Olga Vieira, Physiotherapist (people with vagina and kids)

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