Therapeutic Swedish Massage

Relieve Your Muscle Knots and Tension!

We are pleased to offer Verdun, Ville-Émard, and the South-West of Montreal the opportunity to experience our relaxing Swedish massage!


​Swedish therapeutic massage is a massage technique that targets groups of muscles in order to reduce tensions, unwind muscle knots and relax the region. This type of massage can act globally or specifically with respect to a body part experiencing increased tensions.

This massage acts primarily on the musculoskeletal system while reducing stress and bringing about relaxation. It helps with blood and lymph circulation and elimination of toxins as well as improving one's breathing pattern. It can also help with injury prevention and maximizing athletic performance.  


It is recommended for anyone who wants to solve a specific problem, for physically active people or someone looking for relaxation.

Swedish therapeutic massage is effective to reduce and even eliminate the following:

Muscle tensions, aches and pains

Tendon stiffness​


Poor circulation (blood, lymphatic)​

Spasms and contractures

This massage can also help prevent problems and bring many benefits such as:

Prevention of muscle injuries​

Improved movement ability​

Muscle toning

Relief from chronic and acute pain​

Maximization of muscles for sports performance​

Faster muscle recovery

Stimulation of blood and lymphatic circulation​

Stress reduction​

Relaxation, relaxation, general well-being​


​During your initial massage session, your therapist will first identify your problem and determine your needs. Then, your therapist will treat the area and surrounding tissues.

The patient normally undresses down to their underwear and lies on a table under the sheets. The therapist will uncover only that part of the body which needs to be worked on. The massage is performed manually and the therapist uses oil to ease movements.


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