McKenzie/Orthopedic Web Physiotherapy

Throughout Quebec

Have you put up with your pain long enough?

Our experienced physiotherapists are here to empower you to control and treat your pain from the comfort of your home!





  • Simple exercises that can have rapid effects on your pain, stiffness and function
  • We put a strong emphasis on teaching you how take control of your pain
  • We instruct you about how to avoid irritating activities.
  • When more force is required, we are often able to use household equipment or family member/friend to replace our hands-on-techniques
  • ConvenienceIt is a convenient method of receiving treatment at home or work and no need for a baby-sitter
  • Time: Avoiding traffic and travel time
  • One-on-one treatment with our proven active approach
  • Visit Focuses on your independence through specific exercises and education.
  • Available throughout Quebec


  • complete history to have a good understanding of our problem
  • An emphasis on what can irritate and improve your pain to understand the source of your problem.
  • An analysis of your posture and its effect on your symptoms
  • An analysis of your workstation at home and your posture in your usual chairs, in your bed and your kitchen
  • An analysis of your movements of the affected areas
  • Demonstrations and correction of strengthening/stretching exercises or any other type of exercises
  • Teaching of effective manual self-treatment techniques with the use of household items or with the help of family member or friend if needed
  • Self-massage techniques
  • Education about activities that have a positive or negative effect on your condition
  • From Notices to return to your usual activities
  • From Answers to all our questions

What do I need to Connect?

  • ​An Internet connection
  • A device with a webcam and a microphonewhich is often integrated to a smartphone, a tablet or most of the computers.
  • Our telehealth provider uses an encrypted web browser page to easily and securely connect with you, and you will not be recorded
  • ​Please ensure that your insurance covers web physiotherapy services.

How do I Make an Appointment? for this service ?

  • Make an appointment by calling one of our clinics or by clicking the button below.
  • A member of out team will send you the necessary documents to complete and will test your connection with us.
  • Reconnect a few minutes before your appointment time.