Preparation for childbirth in physiotherapy

Demystifying the pelvic floor for a vaginal birth or cesarean section.

At Active Solution Physiotherapy in Montreal, our therapists can help you prepare your body for the birth of your baby.

What is it about ?

You've probably heard words like ''perineum massage'', ''episiotomy'' or ''pelvic floor tear''. 

Physiotherapists can explain the changes in the body during pregnancy and childbirth so that you have a good understanding of your anatomy. You will have a better understanding of your pelvic floor muscles, your deep abdominals and the different ways of breathing and pushing during birth. You will know when and how to do perineal massages and stretching. 

You will understand the meaning of commonly used medical terms during follow-up visits to your gynecologist.

Understanding what happens when your baby is born will allow you to have a more positive experience welcoming your baby and will give you confidence in yourself. 

Additionally, if you are well prepared during pregnancy, you will already have good strategies to facilitate recovery after birth.

How can physio help?

Perineal exercises, Kegels, during pregnancy as well as pelvic floor massages can help reduce the risk of more severe tears (3rd and 4th degrees)(1). 

That said, it is important that the exercises are taught well: in fact, many people are not able to properly relax their pelvic floor and do Kegels the wrong way. An evaluation by a physiotherapist will allow you to correct your technique to ensure better results.

Perineal assessment

Education on pelvic floor anatomy and functions

Development of an Exercise plan adapted to your needs (if no complications)

Orthopedic assessment in case of pelvis/back pain and others

Perineal massages

Perineal stretching

Learn to push and breathe during birth

Pain management during childbirth

Education on ergonomics with a baby (pain prevention)

Facilitate postpartum recovery

1 - Third and fourth degree perineal tears clinical care standard. (n.d.). Retrieved February 14, 2023, from

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