All about babies:

A physical therapist's guide to your baby's motor development.

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Are you worried or having questions about your baby's motor development?


You can book an online session with Monica, who works in pediatric physiotherapy, to ask her any questions you may have about your baby's development. The sessions are online, lasting up to 45 minutes, but that can be shortened if less time is needed.

The sessions are only for education purposes and not are not an evaluation of a specific condition. However, if Monica finds it pertinent, she may suggest you to consult your pediatrician or to book a physiotherapy evaluation. 

Session Goals

The goal of these education sessions is for you to learn:

The different ways to hold and position your baby

To promote the global motor development of your baby

To avoid common developmental problems with your baby (Ex: flat head, torticollis, hip problems, etc.)

All the secrets about time spent on your stomach​

What is considered “normal” for your baby’s development​

All the worrying signs to spot in your baby's development and when you should seek professional advice.​

Different breastfeeding positions that can help your baby’s development​

​An insurance receipt will be issued for physiotherapy services, or the clinic may be able to submit the claim directly to your insurance company in certain cases.


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