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How Can I Help my Child?

​                           Our experienced physiotherapists are here to help you from the comfort of your home!


  • It enables us to perform a comprehensive evaluation of your baby, from a distance, which may include their active movement and their gross motor skills. 
  • There is no waiting rooms: you and your baby are in familiar surroundings, making the session more comfortable and pleasant for your baby
  • There is no travel time, no need to prepare your baby to go out and you can continue to do your work/housework/watch TV while you are waiting for your appointment time. 
  • Your spouse could potentially participate in any aspect of the treatment, even if they are at work. They could participate in the treatment part of the session (under 30 minutes) or in the entire 60 minute session rather than taking half a day off of work.
  • We will provide you with detailed information and educate you regarding your baby’s specific situation and how to manage it.
  • We will teach you exercisesspecifically tailored to your baby’s needs, that can be easily performed at home
  • Your baby's development is our main priority. We want to prevent further flattening of the head while ensuring that your baby progresses through their developmental stages.

Your privacy is important to us

The confidentiality of the services is our priority: we use an encrypted service to easily and securely connect with you. We will be in a private treatment room in our office during the session to maintain your privacy.


The physiotherapist will conduct the evaluation just as if you were being evaluated in clinic. You can typically expect the following:

  • A thorough history will be taken to collect information regarding the pregnancy, your baby’s birth, health conditions, sleep habits, developmental abilities, and information about how your baby currently is able to move. An assessment of your baby’s range of motion will normally be the next step. Your physiotherapist will go over which movements they want you to perform with your baby and will show them to you on camera using a doll or stuffed animal and help you to perform the same movements.​
  • ​Next, an assessment of how your baby moves in different positions will be conducted. We will ask you to place your baby on their belly, on their back, sitting (with or without support), and standing (with support). This will allow us to see their physical capabilities and help us to determine the exercises that are likely to be the most effective for them, with you the parent taking a vital hands-on role.
  • The treatment process will begin in the first session. We will focus on educating you about the aspects that are the most important to see positive progression in the shape of your baby’s head as well as development of their gross motor skills. Emphasis is normally placed on head and neck positioning throughout the day, exercises (playing with your baby in specific ways) and specific stretches

We cannot perform a physical exam of your baby so passive range of motion is difficult to assess over the web. We may miss some non verbal cues one can display during a session. There is always the possibility of encountering some technical difficulties during the session that could affect the quality of the session, especially the first time.

How do I Make an Appointment? physiotherapy Web?

  1. Call us at (514)767-6858 for the Verdun clinic & (514)769-6789 for the Monk clinic or click the button below
  2. A member of our team will send you the necessary documents to complete and will test your connection with us.
  3. Reconnect a few minutes before your appointment time.
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