Anal Fissures Treatment

Tired of pain when you're going to the bathroom?

​Our experienced pelvic floor physiotherapists can help you regain control of your bowel and return to your daily life with confidence! We have been successful treating this problem both in-clinic and online..


An anal fissue occures when the lining of the anal canal tears. This can lead to pain and bleeding while passing stool. Anal fissures can be acute, and clear on their own within 6 weeks, but if they happen recurrently beyond 6 weeks it might be a sign that further intervention is needed.


There are many possible causes for anal fissures:

Constipation (including large stools)

Decreased elasticity of the anal canal (ie, weak scar tissue from prior anal fissure, poor blood supply to the skin due to hypertonic pelvic floor muscles)


Your pelvic floor physio will assess you globally, including a detailed history on your lifestyle habits and a physical evaluation to determine the cause(s) for your anal fissures. Your problem will likely be addressed through a variety of specific exercises, manual techniques, rectal sensitization exercises, and tips on how to adjust your lifestyle to manage your problem. Our goal is to guide you to be able to meet your goals, and return to your daily life with comfort!

Treatment Options

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