Mental health

We're proud to help the Montreal South-West community find resources to care for their mental health. Our team of professionals is here to guide you through challenges, enhance your intimate life and enrich your understanding of yourself. Find out how our client-centered approach can help you achieve balance and well-being in your sexual and relational life.

Why consult us?

Explore the common reasons why so many individuals choose to consult sexology. Discover our full range of services, from individual and couple therapy to clinical sexology, designed to meet your unique needs.

Sexual difficulties such as :

Pregnancy, infertility, abortion, miscarriage, menopause, androposis, sexual impact of STDs and AIDS, gynecological problems, etc.

Emotional or relational difficulties such as:

Intimacy problems, love or communication difficulties, emotional dependence, body image and self-esteem, domestic violence, etc.

Treatment Option