Maria Demishkevich

Pht., MSc. (A)


Since her youth, Maria has participated in a multitude of sports, including dance, competitive kayaking, and martial arts. For a period of five years, she assisted in coaching beginner groups in Ukrainian folk dancing and speed skating. These experiences sparked an admiration for the capabilities of the human body and a passion for sharing the joy of movement with others. She completed the M.Sc.(A) degree in Physiotherapy at McGill in 2021. Her education has helped her to realize the importance of encouraging people to be comfortable with movement by managing their physical condition.


During her work in a private orthopedic clinic, she became interested in the McKenzie method (MDT) of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy, due to the fact that MDT emphasizes providing rehabilitation tools to the patient in order to empower them in their own rehabilitation process, with the therapist serving as a guide. Maria has completed the necessary courses and obtained McKenzie certification in June 2024. She has also completed training in vestibular rehabilitation, and is interested in the rehabilitation of chronic pain and concussions.


Her goal as a physiotherapist is to help patients return to activity, to better understand their condition and to find an active approach in managing their condition.