Philippe Dufour

(Pht., M.Sc.(A), Cert. MDT)


​From a young age, Philippe has been passionate about being physically active. He started out as most young quebecors do, with an interest in hockey, playing on the North Shore for 18 years. Over the past 10 years, he has developed a deep interest in weight training. His passion for health and fitness lead him to apply to physiotherapy, to be able to inspire that same values in others.
He graduated from McGill with an M.Sc(A) in physiotherapy in 2005 and since then has developed a keen interest in the McKenzie method. He completed his McKenzie certification in 2018, and plans to become a diplomat in the future. Philippe decided to continue his learning by completing a course in vestibular rehabilitation.He has found a particular interest in these types of problems and is continually developing his knowledge in this field.
When you book an appointment with Philippe, you can expect a large emphasis on education to help you understand your problem more clearly, and an active approach to foster independence in his patients. Philippe wants to help you get yourself better, not create a reliance on him. He is more than willing to provide you with his expert advice on how to train safely, and effectively!