Shanie Lapointe

Sex therapist and Doula


It is possible to request the presence of the doula in order to prepare for the intervention, emotional and physical support during the intervention and/or review the course of the intervention and the emotions related to it.

The meetings can take place online or take place face-to-face: in the comfort of your home, the place where the intervention takes place or any other place of your choice.


  • English
  • French


Shanie's interest in sex therapy can be attributed to the openness of her family regarding sexuality. As far as she can remember, helping others has always been one of her passions. In kindergarten, her best friend had a physical disability and Shanie was always there to support her when she needed it; as such, helping others as a job was a natural choice for Shanie!

After obtaining her bachelor's degree in sexology in 2008, Shanie worked in the community for 12 years as a family counsellor and a youth worker. Over these years, she also became involved as a volunteer in the LGBTQ* community, finding it important to give her time to a community of which she is a part. These experiences have made her grow and evolve both professionally and personally!

Giving birth to her son and becoming a mother have decidedly influenced her new career path. Motherhood has made her realize how the needs surrounding perinatal care were enormous. Shanie has therefore chosen to combine her different passions: family, support and intervention to specialize in sexoperinatal care. Shanie took advantage of the fall 2020 to expand her knowledge and skills in that field. She had 2 training courses to familiarize herself with realities that were less common for her such as birth support, termination of pregnancy and perinatal bereavement support.

She is driven by a strong desire to share her knowledge. She wants to support individuals and couples alike, so that they get the best out of every situation, through decisions guided by informed choices. Finally, she wants to help promote a positive, accessible and enjoyable vision of sexuality by breaking down the taboos linked to sexuality, perinatality and early childhood.

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